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Resolving Landlord-Tenant Issues

Resolving Landlord-Tenant Issues

experienced in real estate litigation

Experienced In Real Estate Litigation

Highly Experienced Commercial Real Estate Lawyers

Based in San Clemente, the Law Office of Corey E. Taylor helps individuals and businesses defend and enforce their rights. We are here to solve problems, resolve conflicts, and protect your interests in landlord-tenant, real estate, and business litigation matters.

The attorneys at Corey E. Taylor have been practicing real estate law in Orange County for more than 25 years and have a long record of successfully representing landlords, property owners, management companies, investors and other professionals, businesses, and individuals in negotiations, transactions, and at trial, in both real estate and general business matters.

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It is no secret that landlord-tenant disputes are not easy to resolve in California. Commercial and residential tenants have strong legal protections in our state and there are many legal and procedural hurdles to overcome.

Landlords and property managers need sound legal advice from experienced real estate lawyers who understand federal and state laws, as well as local considerations, if they are going to effectively protect themselves and their property.

Our legal team has a strong understanding of California real estate law. We give our clients the knowledgeable, candid advice they need on legal matters to help them avoid potential disputes, and we provide forceful representation in court or at the negotiating table when they need it.

We have a record of successfully representing landlords, property owners, management companies, investors and others in negotiations and at trial, in both commercial and residential real estate matters.

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